Temple Policy

Temple Event Sponsor Policy
  • If you wish to sponsor a temple event check the temple website or temple calendar for temple events. All events are open to all devotees to sponsor. Temple will accommodate as many sponsors for the Pooja as it seems fit.
  • Sponsorship request should be sent to the board at least 15 days prior to the festival date. Please look at the specific event section for the exact number of days prior the request should be submitted.
  • Suggested donation should be paid in the name of “Shiva Murugan Temple”. The exact amount is called in the specific event section.
  • Temple will announce this event in its website, social media and other communications to its devotees.
  • The schedule of the event will be decided by the Temple board in consultation with our priests. This schedule should be followed strictly.
  • Any announcements to the public by sponsors regarding the event should follow the guidelines provided by the Temple. The following sentence is mandatory in the communication “Shiva Murugan Temple, Concord is celebrating
  • Temple reserves the right to change the published date of the event even after announcement. This will certainly be discussed with the sponsors, but Temple reserves the right here.
  • Sponsors are recommended to provide the approximate number of devotees attending the event for better planning.
  • Sponsors are mandated not to solicit any kind of donations for Temple organized events. Any help needed to make the event to be more effective should be worked out with the board directly.
  • Sponsors are mandated to work with the event coordinator for food and other special requirements for the event.
  • If the sponsors use the kitchen, it is the sponsors responsibility to clean the kitchen and dining area after food is served.
  • Sponsors are welcome to donate food, dry groceries and other items needed for serving food. For the safety of everyone, people handling kitchen equipment are expected to do this in the presence of our event coordinator or a board approved volunteer for this purpose.
  • Only Vegetarian food should be served that is cooked without onion and garlic. No eggs either.



Abhishekams are performed to all gods at the Temple on various days, please refer to our Temple Calendar for details. Devotees are welcomed to sponsor Abhishekams performed by the Temple to various gods.

  • Suggested donation is $51.
  • Please work with our priests to bring things needed for Abhishekam.
  • If you need any special Alankaram to be performed after the Abhishekam, please work with the board to see if it can be accommodated.


Kavadi Pooja

Kavadi Pooja is an event organized by the Temple approximately two weeks before ThaiPoosam celebrations at the Temple.

  • Suggested event sponsor donation is $101.
  • The number of Kavadis kept for the Pooja is at the discretion of the Temple and the entire flow of the event will be managed by our Temple priests as per the protocol for Kavadi Pooja.


Mayil Vahanam Procession

This is the procession of lord Muruga on the silver peacock around the temple.

  • Suggested donation is $501
  • Need at least 15 men to carry the Mayil Vahanam around the temple. Please work with the board to make sure enough volunteers are available.



Thirukalyanam is an event performed to Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Muruga at the Temple for various occasions. Look at the Temple Calendar to get exact dates when the Temple is celebrating these events.

  • Suggested event sponsor donation is $101
  • Work with our priests to make specific set of prasadams for the Kalyanam.
  • Flower Garlands and Flower Alankaram sponsorship is available, please check with the board for details.